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24 de marzo de 2024

Mt. Diablo-Clayton

For the second field assignment, I settled on Mt. Diablo State Park. My partner and I entered on the Clayton side of the mountain. (Hot tip: There is free parking at the end of Mountaire Pkwy.) The Mt. Diablo ecosystem can best be described as an Inland Oak Woodland. I observed several abiotic conditions. The temperature was approximately 70 degrees. The creeks had swelled over parts of the trail. The sun was shining with a light layer of clouds near the top. The forest canopy was open in many areas. When it comes to biotic conditions many were observed. The grasses and foliage covering the mountain were a lush green. The trees tended to be oak. Possibly, Blue Oak and Coastal Live Oak. A single pine was observed as well as one buckeye. The stages of growth observed were old and new. Fallen trees were also seen. Many open fields of grasses were noted as well as pockets of Oak shaded forest. There were various plants observed including wild lettuce. Lastly, two fungi were spotted; Hairy Curtain Crust and Coyote Brush Rust.

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