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30 de marzo de 2020

Baker Sanctuary (March 29, 2020)

Today was a perfect, beautiful day for a walk in the woods, so Brenda and I met our neighbors, Cinta Burgos and David Ring, at Baker Sanctuary. We enjoyed glorious spring weather and hiked a little over two miles on the north end of the Sanctuary. We saw and heard 14 bird species, including golden-cheeked warblers. All four of us got good looks at one GCW male singing from the top of an old cedar snag.

Travis Audubon Society bought the original 94 acres of Baker Sanctuary in 1966 to be a golden-cheeked warbler preserve, and the Sanctuary is now 715 acres. This is the first preserve set aside anywhere in the world specifically to protect the GCW. Baker Sanctuary is now part of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, which is about 33,000 acres in western Travis County.

Heller's Marbleseed (Lithospermum helleri). David Ring & Cinta Burgos. Little Indian Breadroot (Pediomelum hypogaeum).

Our bird list for the morning:

Mourning Dove
Greater Roadrunner
White-eyed Vireo
Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay
Common Raven
Carolina Chickadee
Black-crested Titmouse
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Bewick's Wren
Cedar Waxwing
House Finch
Black-and-white Warbler
Golden-cheeked Warbler
Northern Cardinal
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