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07 de abril de 2023

Identifying Zale lunata vs. Zale minerea from photos

Zale lunata (Lunate Zale) and Zale minerea (Colorful Zale) both have variable – and overlapping – coloration and patterning. A key character for separating these two species is the shape of the postmedian (PM) line:

Looking at the overall shape of the PM line segment that’s perpendicular to the leading edge of the wing:

For further context/considerations around identifying these species, see this iNat journal post by paul_dennehy.

Images kindly provided by @becksnyc:
Zale lunata
Zale minerea


Zale lunata - Moths of North Carolina
Zale lunata - Pacific Northwest Moths
Zale minerea - Moths of North Carolina
Zale minerea - Pacific Northwest Moths

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