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19 de diciembre de 2016

Too Many Needs ID

Soon, there will be more Needs ID observations than Research Grade. This is unfortunate, as it is mainly 2 categories. We just do not have enough Insect and Plant Identifiers, so it would be excellent if Inat could begin an effort to make them Research Grade. Here is a breakdown, and you can see the problem. It would be success to bring the high numbers down even one percent.

42,940 Birds
20,813 Amphibians
26,312 Reptiles
24,459 Mammals
18,207 Fish
27,404 Mollusks
54,381 Arachnids
379,427 Insects
530,596 Plants
103,718 Fungi including Lichens
2,433 Protozoans (INCLUDES SLIME MOLDS)
90,157 Unknown


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Feeder Birds

Sunday, we refilled the feeders for the first time in about a week or two. Instantly, all the regular birds returned. The ground feeder with seeds and raisins brought in the juncos and sparrows very rapidly, and the suet feeder attracted a Downy Woodpecker. 3 Downies arrived, mostly for the suet and sunflower. A couple of goldfinches were the only thing that liked the low-hanging safflower seed tube, but they really liked it. A lone House Finch and Red-Bellied Woodpecker found the ground feeder also, but were not around for long. A pair of cardinals have been around lately, but getting them to visit the tube feeders has definitely been hard.
We have also been treated the last couple of years with an Oregon Junco, probably the same one. We have seen it every year since 2013, which is pretty far east for an Oregon. Unlike the other juncos, this one seems to not be seen alone very much, usually it visits in a flock.
It never ate from the feeders, but we also enjoyed a Mourning Dove, which was very, very photogenic. The associated photo shows this dove. Around early November, they all disappeared from out feeders.

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30 de diciembre de 2016

2017 Birds

Beginning Sunday, I will begin keeping a year list for birds. This is not only for my Inat observations, but a complete year list.

January month target:
25 Species

Year target: 200 species


Across IA and NE.

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