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Latpanchar and Shivkhola Trip

Dates: 15th to 17th April 2022

Participants: Anindita Banerjee (@anindita2) , Tanmoy Kundu Chowdhury & Debashis Chowdhury (@debashischowdhury)
Places covered: Latpanchar (15- 17 April morning) & Shivkhola Riverbed (for 2 hours on 17th April, 2022 between 12:30 & 14:30 Hrs)

Weather: Mainly cloudy with occasional spells of rain on 15th and 16th April. Got sunny weather in the last day of the trip although it was very humid in the lower altitude when we were in Shivkhola.

Highlights: (1) Total 38 species of birds were observed. The count of birds observed has been disappointing owing to bad weather and huge rush of tourists including photographers. All the local birding guides were resorting to unethical practices of playing bird calls on portable electronic devices and mimicking calls.

            Rufous-necked Hornbills (both male & female), Red-headed Trogon, Long-tailed Broadbill, Himalayan Griffon Vultures, Brown Hawk Owl and Asian Barred Owlet (pair) were among our notable sightings.


(2) We got some butterfly activities at Latpanchar in a forested patch close to our Homestay. But  on 16th April  we got to see good butterfly activities in Mahananda W.L.S. In the last day we got very good butterfly movements at Shivkhola riverbed.

            Among notable sightings were Red-base Jezebel (mating), Common Orange Awlet, Dark Clouded Yellow (at Mahal Diram Tea Garden), Palla's Sailer, Tawny Mime, Powdered Baron and Lilacine Bushbrown.

BIRD CHECKLIST (consolidated)

Sl. No. Name of the Bird Remarks
1 Indian Peafowl Frequently heard calls
2 Rock Pigeon At Latpanchar
3 Spotted Dove At Latpanchar
4 Mountain Imperial Pigeon 3 individuals at the Latpanchar Nursery Area
5 Little Cormorant At Shivkhola riverbed
6 Himalayan Griffon Vulture At Mahananda W.L.S.
7 Asian Barred Owlet One pair at the Latpanchar Nursery Area
8 Brown Hawk Owl At Latpanchar Homestay
9 Red-headed Trogon At Latpanchar
10 Rufous-necked Hornbill At Latpanchar
11 Blue-throated Barbet At all places in the hills
12 Long-tailed Broadbill At Latpanchar
13 Large Cuckooshrike Simring Tea Estate
14 Scarlet Minivet Very common
15 Common Iora Heard calls at many places
16 Hair-crested Drongo Simring Tea Estate
17 Large Woodshrike At Latpanchar
18 Black Drongo At Latpanchar
19 Ashy Drongo At Latpanchar
20 Common Green Magpie At Latpanchar
21 Sultan Tit At Latpanchar
22 Himalayan Black-lored Tit At Latpanchar
23 Barn Swallow Nesting at Latpanchar. Seen at least 3 adults with 4-5 begging chicks in the nest
24 Black-crested Bulbul Shivkhola
25 Red-whiskered Bulbul At Latpanchar
26 Red-vented Bulbul At Latpanchar
27 Himalayan Bulbul At Latpanchar
28 Himalayan Black Bulbul At all places in the hills
29 Indian White-eye At Latpanchar
30 Streak-breasted Scimitar-babbler At Latpanchar
31 Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch At Latpanchar
32 Chestnut-tailed Starling At Latpanchar
33 Common  Myna At Latpanchar
34 Oriental Magpie Robin At Latpanchar
35 Verditer Flycatcher At Latpanchar
36 Blue-whistling Thrush At Latpanchar
37 Orange-bellied Leafbird At Latpanchar
38 Eurasian Tree-sparrow At Latpanchar



  Common Name Scientific Name Photo
1 Common Orange Awlet Burara jaina Y
2 Chestnut Bob Lambrix salsala Y
3 Restricted Demon Notocrypta feisthamelii Y
4 Smaller Dartlet Oriens goloides Y
5 Common Dartlet Oriens gola Y
6 Common Bluebottle Graphium sarpedon Y
7 Tailed Jay Graphium agamemnon  
8 Common Windmill Byasa polyeuctes  
9 Common Rose Pachliopta aristolochiae Y
10 Tawny Mime Papilio agestor Y
11 Common Mime Papilio clytia  
12 Common Mormon Papilio polytes  
13 Paris Peacock Papilio paris  
14 Common Grass Yellow Eurema hecabe Y
15 Lemon Emigrant Catopsilia pomona  
16 Dark Clouded Yellow Colias fieldii Y
17 Yellow Orange-tip Ixias pyrene  
18 Chocolate Albatross Appias lyncida  
19 Plain Puffin Appias indra Y
20 Indian Cabbage White Pieris canidia Y
21 Common Gull Cepora nerissa Y
22 Lesser Gull Cepora nadina Y
23 Spotted Sawtooth Prioneris thestylis Y
24 Red-base Jezebel Delias pasithoe Y
25 Common Jezebel Delias eucharis  
26 Psyche Leptosia nina  
27 Dark Judy Abisara fylla Y
28 Punchinello Zemeros flegyas Y
29 Common Lineblue Prosotas nora Y
30 Dark Cerulean Jamides bochus Y
31 Metallic Caerulean Jamides alecto Y
32 Forget-Me-Not Catochrysops strabo Y
33 Pea Blue Lampides boeticus Y
34 Quaker Neopithecops zalmora  
35 Gram Blue Euchrysops cnejus  
36 Purple Sapphire Heliophorus spicles Y
37 Glassy Tiger Parantica aglea Y
38 Chestnut Tiger Parantica sita  
39 Chocolate Tiger Parantica melaneus Y
40 Striped Tiger Danaus genutia  
41 Plain Tiger Danaus chrysippus Y
42 Striped Blue Crow Euploea mulciber Y
43 Common Crow Euploea core Y
44 Common Palmfly Elymnias hypermnestra  
45 Common Evening Brown Melanitis leda  
46 Straight-banded Treebrown Lethe verma Y
47 Lilacine Bushbrown Mycalesis francisa Y
48 Common Five-ring Ypthima baldus Y
49 Tawny Coster Acraea violae  
50 Yellow Coster Acraea issoria Y
51 Small Leopard Phalanta alcippe Y
52 Large Yeoman Cirrochroa aoris  
53 Commander Moduza procris Y
54 Colour Sergeant Athyma nefte Y
55 Common Lascar Pantoporia hordonia Y
56 Palla's Sailer Neptis sappho Y
57 Powdered Baron Euthalia monina Y
58 Common Map Cyrestis thyodamas Y
59 Angled Castor Ariadne ariadne  
60 Indian Red Admiral Vanessa indica Y
61 Indian Tortoiseshell Aglais caschmirensis Y
62 Chocolate Pansy Junonia iphita Y
63 Grey Pansy Junonia atlites  
64 Lemon Pansy Junonia lemonias Y
65 Great Eggfly Hypolimnas bolina  
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