22 de septiembre de 2023

It's been a hard year

I hope everyone is doing well. It's been a really hard year for me, and I haven't had the time, or the motivation to take as many photos this year.
In April, my step-father Dr. Jack Cranford @jcranford fell and broke his hip. He was hospitalized, and had it fixed, however, during his rehabilitation, he developed a bleed, and when they sent him back to the hospital, they found his liver was severely enlarged, and was covered in nodules, and cirrosis. He was previously diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and was also very confused about his time in the hospital, and nursing home. When he returned to rehab he lost all of his previously made progress, and lost the ability to even sit up by himself, along with 75lbs.
I visited him in July, and it was painful, but I'm glad that I got to see him again, and talk to him. He passed away at the end of last month. It's been absolutely devastating for me, as I was very close to him.
One of my favorite things to do during my bi-annual visits, was to sit down, and show him all of my observations I had made since the last time I visited. It's hard for me to pick up my camera at the moment. I finally made myself go out this morning to a trail. I cried half of the trail. I sat down at the end with my husband and just talked for a while.
Jack was a wonderful father, and a brilliant Mammalogist. He taught me soooo many things over the years, as I know he also taught many students at Virginia Tech. I've just been absolutely crushed. He was 83, but there were still so many things I wanted to do together. There is just never enough time. I'm grateful we had a wonderful visit last summer. He made it down to the beach with us one day, and I was able to spend time at home with him, and introduced him to Merlin. I used a playback to call some of the birds in closer so he could see them.
I'll miss him so very much.
My uploads will probably be a little sparse for the time being.
I haven't quit, I just need time to pull myself together.
As I go through things, I hope to upload Jack's slides, and photos as historic records on his account in memory of him.

Thank you all for your support in ID over the years. I really do appreciate it, and have thoroughly enjoyed INaturalist.

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28 de julio de 2022

Happy Moth Week Everyone!

I know it's a bit late to say so, but happy Moth Week!
Both times I've gotten to set up my sheet I feel like I got a great variety!
I really want to switch it up a bit, but the weather is REALLY putting a damper on things!
It won't quit raining! Tonight I may try to set up my sheet til around midnight, and get it back down before the rain starts in again.
It's been rough!
But the results have been great so far. Two new moths at least, and my second sighting of Evening Primrose Moth!
Best wishes!

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14 de mayo de 2022


Today I discovered Merlin! What an amazing app! My phone isn't the BEST at taking audio, but I definitely now have a lot of new bird observations to upload! So excited! This is going to really change up my birdwatching experience! I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it!

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14 de septiembre de 2021

It's been a heck of a summer.

National Moth Week flew by in the blink of an eye along with most of my summer. I managed to pull through, and participate nearly every night! Did part at home here in MD, and went down to help my parents out for a week, and did part there in VA as well. I've been so busy ever since.
We returned home, and our grandmother passed away, and on top of that my daughter had to have surgery on her ear. Work has also been rough recently, and I just haven't gotten out nearly as much as I want to take photos.
At the request of a friend, I created several Projects for Garrett County, MD to cover our moths and butterflies, so that we could compare back and forth between BAMONA. I found a bunch of things that have been RGd over here that could be added to the data over there as well. There have been a couple of questionable ones, so I make sure I tag more experienced persons for a second opinion as needed, and I really appreciate all the feedback you guys give, or if you take the time to take a peek at something! I'm learning every day! A lot of the things that can be moved over, at least 28 species that I've personally photographed included.
As always, thank you everyone who stops and helps out with ID. It really means a lot to me, and helps me learn, especially from those who provide constructive feedback! I deeply appreciate all of you.

Added below are observations that still need ID:

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29 de junio de 2021

Moth Week Is Getting Closer!

It's finally summer time, and I decided it was time to do a test run of my new setup this year. Have to get ready for Moth Week next month! (I took a work vacation that week this year too haha)
We had a plastic greenhouse that dry-rotted over the years, and repurposed the frame for my sheet, and lights. I use a white shower curtain with 1cm squares all across it. It has holes in it, so I just have to hang hooks on the top rung, and stretch it to the edges, and secure it there. Hung a light at the top, and a light at the bottom.
Used a small handheld flashlight with my camera. Had to get the hang of holding it, and my camera in the same hand haha. More pics that I would have liked turned out blurry, so I am going to have to another test run to see how things work out. I'm going to try to see if I can't set my camera to flash every time, instead of just when it thinks it needs to. It's dark out!
I had a great time. I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep Sunday night. I took over 1000 pics, and spent yesterday catching up on my sleep between editing haha. Finally finished up this morning.
More moths without IDs than I would like, and some of them I know I recognize, I just can't place the name to the face. BUT this is good for me too! Going to get out my books today, and start trying to narrow down some of them. It's a huge, and wonderful learning experience.
Thanks to everyone that helps or leaves feedback, as always!

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28 de octubre de 2020

Winter is coming!

It won't be too long before it's winter again!
I definitely see very different moths this time of year. Lots and LOTS of Bicolor Sallow this year!
I hope to keep seeing them for a couple more weeks before it starts snowing!
Was super excited to see a Giant Water Scavenger Beetle that had flown in to Walmart's lights as well. It was a cool first for me!
Hope everyone is well.

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16 de agosto de 2020


Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall!
We finally got some rain here, and boy has it been a downpour that we've badly needed! It was so dry for weeks, that I had to keep watering the garden!
Hopefully I'll still get a night on one of my days off here where I can moth a bit more before it gets too cold.
Fall is starting in, and you can see that the maple trees are starting to get a bit of color. Hoping to see a bit of my garden cold crops grow in before the snow starts in!
Mothing has been going really well. Before National Moth Week, our regional checklist was at 760 species on BAMONA. When I get Research Grade over here, I move the data over to there as well, and since then, we hit our goal of 800, and are sitting at 804 Species! That's a HUGE jump!
It's really made possible by people here on INaturalist helping us out with IDs, and we greatly appreciate it.
Our new goal is 1000! I think we can do it, if we're still making leaps and bounds of this sort!
Thank you ALL again!

PS The following are all moths that still need Research Grade, if anyone has time to peek!

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09 de agosto de 2020


Did my yearly visit to the Eastern Shore. Unfortunately I didn't really get out. The beach I usually visit was disgustingly packed. A beach that normally maybe has 10 cars, was packed bumper to bumper, on both sides of the road. We didn't stay, so of course, I didn't get to examine the wildlife this year.
I did one night of mothing with my blacklight, and sheet. It was full of bees, wasps, and thrips. I got a few cool moths, but I finally called it quits when one of the others flew in my eye and stung me right below it. Ouch!
After that I think my motivation was pretty low. I did a few laps around the horse pasture. There wasn't much rain, so there were very few dragonflies to examine. It was a very BLAH vacation. I'll get the pics gone through soon.
I didn't even bother heading up to Assateague. Thought about it, was going to, and just couldn't get the motivation or time to go.
Tried to avoid people to the best of my ability.
Enjoyed spending time with my family as always, and I hope everything else can eventually go back to normal.
Hope everyone is doing well, and had a great moth week!

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25 de julio de 2020

Moth Week Winding Down!

Last day of National Moth Week! I think I've photographed at LEAST 325 moths for the event! I'm up to date with all my uploads, minus the ones I need to move over to BAMONA later as they get to be research grade.
Again, I really appreciate everyone that has helped me make IDs!
I've had a couple of extra nights to participate, thanks to having to quarantine for a few days (at least til I get my test results back.)
My sleep schedule is all over the place though! Yesterday I meant to take a nap at 4pm, but I woke up at 12! Stayed up til 2 making trips out to my sheet. It was wet, as it rained earlier in the day, so there wasn't a LOT but I still got a good many!
Back to bed, and up again at 5 to make one last trip out, and to put my light away before it starts raining again!
Hope everyone else is having a great moth week!

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21 de julio de 2020

It's National Moth Week!

It's one of my favorite times of year, and i've been busy busy busy the last couple of nights! I'm so glad I got a few days to seriously participate this year.
I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I hope I can still get a few more in this week!
Next year I think I may try to schedule my vacation time on top of it, so I can ride the whole week out!
Wake up every couple of hours of the night for photography, edit during the day, and try not to fall asleep in my cereal bowl in the morning right? Hahahah.
I want to again sincerely thank everyone that helps me out with identifications!
I've seen so many cool new moths, and I can't wait to get the ones I can get Research Grade over on BAMONA as well!
Right now I'm running with a black light and a sheet in the back yard. I may buy a second one, it's done such a good job!
Even if I don't make it for moth week, I may try to do a night on another property before the summer is out. Different habitat, so hopefully I'll get some different moths!
I hope everyone is well, and safe this summer!

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