19 de junio de 2023

New Day at Logoly

It's a new day here at Logoly State Park. For some reason, I logged into this account and left it open. It was found by the wonderful office manager, Deb. She is so sweet....almost to the point of making your teeth hurt. She provided donuts today for us, but cut me off at TWO!!! How dare she do that!

I'm dealing with the kids in day camp outside in the heat, and that sweet woman gets to sit in the air conditioned building. She is so lucky!

I don't know what other nice things I can say about her...but she's sweet, warm, compassionate, funny, sharp-witted, educated, intelligent, and humble!!! I guess it's a good thing she's so nice....otherwise she could have uploaded a picture of Sasquatch or changed my password! Oh, dear! I should be more careful leaving my accounts open!!

I should also admit here that she never had anything to do with me hiding Corbin's small tent last December. It was ALL ME!


Drewbear Harveykins

aka "THE DEB"

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