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12 de julio de 2022

Hogna 'incognita'

Hogna 'incognita' is a formally undescribed species found primarily in parts of Texas and Oklahoma. It's similar to Hogna antelucana and baltimoriana, and has been found co-mingled with those species in Texas and Oklahoma respectively. Entire known range based on iNat observations extends from a little southwest of San Antonio, TX, to the north, northeast, and then east to Memphis, TN. It appears to be best adapted to clay soils like Texas blackland and may be less active in colder temperatures than the two similar species. Links to presentation materials for Hogna 'incognita' in comparison to Hogna antelucana follow:

Slide show updated for 2024 presentation:

Only the first document has ventral series for developing antelucana and 'incognita' juveniles if you're looking for that.

Last updated 2/9/24

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