24 de diciembre de 2018


Overall a very good naturalist year for me. I was able to document plants, fungi and animals not only in the Bay Area, but in Southern California, Arizona, the Czech Republic and Great Britain. I'm getting a little better at bird ID, but I am by no means a "birder" in the truest sense of the term. Still for the past four years I have been keeping records of the number of US bird species I see and this year I am up to 329. With luck I'll make to it to 330 by December 31. This is the first year I broke 300 and I'm very happy about that. I also found several lifers in the herp world which excited me even more including Tiger Rattlesnake, Gopher Tortoise and Gila Monster as well as Mountain Kingsnake in the Sierras. 2019 promises to be even better as I return to Costa Rica for the 18th time and plan trips to the desert southwest for spring and fall, as well as my home state, Colorado.

Although I am retired, I continue to work on genomics projects and perhaps I will do more in 2019. Today I sit watching much needed rain, gratefully reflecting on what a wonderful world it is out there, and pondering where I left my mud boots.

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