16 de diciembre de 2017

The Question

"How long have you been a birder?" That's an excellent question and one that brings a hundred answers spilling out at once.

My parents were "birders" later on in life when things had been "done." Children raised, work at a good place. They were able to travel broadly to make field observations all through Texas and to Maine, Alaska, The Great Smokey Mountains and beyond. They worked on their life lists and met many friends doing the same thing.

It was, however, their early teachings and our early field outings that provided the foundation for my birding history.

~ walking down senderas (Spanish for paths) calling up coyotes we'd see Roadrunners, Quail, and


~ finding the sky fully ablaze with an enormous flock of Roseate Spoonbill while showing a wetland area
to out of town guests

~ hunting in some of those same wetlands and learning about Quail, Geese and Dove habitats

~ spotting Summer Tanagers and Kingfishers along the banks of the Frio River

~ listening for the calls of Bob White Quail, Great Horned Owls and Red-tailed Hawks as the first and
easiest ones we learned

So, to answer the question, I've been a birder all of my life. And now as a retired person and amateur naturalist I have the time to be a true birder. And as my youngest has been known to say, "We are bird people."

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