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12 de febrero de 2024

Confusing Sennas

I propose to fix the identification of these Senna observations:

Observations of Senna × floribunda misidentified as Senna corymbosa
All these observations need to be identified as Senna × floribunda.
Senna × floribunda has leaflets with end in point.

Observations of Senna septemtrionalis misidentified as Senna × floribunda
All these observations need to be identified as Senna septemtrionalis.
Senna septemtrionalis has acuminate leaflets.

This publication explains the details and the origin of the confusion:

Susyn Andrews, Sabina Knees

CURTIS'S Botanical Magazine
Volume 5, Issue 2
May 1988
Pages 76-82

In short, the rationale is:

  • Senna × floribunda has been sold under the name Cassia/Senna corymbosa, initiating the confusion. (See for instance this observation of a Senna × floribunda sold with a Cassia corymbosa label).
  • In La Réunion, some web sites report the presence of Senna × floribunda, but not that of Senna septemtrionalis, resulting in a generalized misidentification of the observed Senna septemtrionalis as Senna × floribunda, further propagating the confusion.

Based on the leaflet shape and the distribution of extrafloral nectaries (between the leaflets of all pairs, except the most distal pair where EFN may be present or absent), Senna septemtrionalis cannot be confused with any other Senna species. Same remark for Senna × floribunda, it cannot be confused with any other Senna. The "CONFUSING CASSIAS" publication clearly explains and illustrates what is what, and on this basis there is no confusion possible for identifying the observations of these Sennas on iNaturalist.

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