Field Guide for Scorpions of the Americas

There are a few sources that are available online.
On, do an author search for Haradon (Richard). There you will find a series of papers on the revision of Paruroctonus from 1983, '84, and '85. There are many other papers on scorpions, but that series is best for Paruroctonus and California.
On, search for Gertsch and Gertsch and Soleglad. Of particular note are the monograph on Uroctonus (now Pseudouroctonus, Graemeloweus, Kovarikia, Catalinia, and Uroctonites), the Pan-Puritan Expedition, and Paruroctonus ("Vejovis boreus group"). There are several others by searching "scorpiones". You might need to pick and choose.
On search "Williams Baja", and Stanley C. Williams or S. C. Williams. I don't think it's available but search for John Hjelle's paper on Coast Ranges.

For Hadrurus anzaborrego and Anuroctonus, search for those with Soleglad

  • thanks for info from Kari McWest my scorpions guru...

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