02 de agosto de 2022

Moths: Southern African species of Ethiopica

Specimens of Ethiopica collected in Eswatini have all been identified as Ethiopica vinosa, so it is likely that many of my photos initially identified as E. cupricolor are in fact E. vinosa. In order to try and resolve this, I have tracked down the original descriptions for the three species of Ethiopica which are recorded from southern Africa.

It is possible that other species of Ethiopica have wider distributions than is currently shown on AfroMoths, so might also occur in southern Africa. Also, the information available, as well as the photos on AfroMoths appear to be for the males only, so females might be different.

Ethiopica cupricolor

Hampson G. F. 1902a. The moths of South Africa (Part II). - Annals of the South African Museum 2(10):255-446.
Head and thorax cupreous red-brown; antennae, hind legs and abdomen ochreous. Forewing cupreous red-brown; faint traces of a sinuous antemedial dark line; a more distinct postmedial line excurved beyond cell; the orbicular and reniform white surrounded by white points. Hindwing white slightly tinged with ochreous towards termen.

Ethiopica polyastra

Hampson G. F. 1909a. Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum (Nat. Hist.) VIII. Subfam. Acronyctinae (continued). - — 8:i-xiv, 1-583.
Head and thorax cupreous brown slightly mixed with greyish; abdomen pale grey-brown. Fore wing cupreous brown; basal whitish points below costa and cell and subbasal points in and below cell with another beyond them in cell; traces of a waved antemedial line, angled inward on vein 1 and with whitish points on costa, vein 1, and inner margin; orbicular a round yellowish white spot slightly defined by blackish and with rufous point in centre; reniform with the upper part rufous, the lower yellowish white defined by rufous, constricted at middle and surrounded by yellowish-white points except above; traces of a postmedial line with whitish point at costa, bent outwards below costa, then dentate and produced to whitish points on the veins, oblique below vein 4 and with some whitish points beyond it on costa; some subterminal whitish points between costa and vein 5 and a spot above tornus; a series of small white spots just before termen. Hind wing greyish suffused with yellow-brown, the cilia rather paler; the underside greyish tinged and irrorated with brown.

Ethiopica vinosa

Hampson G. F. 1902a. The moths of South Africa (Part II). - Annals of the South African Museum 2(10):255-446.
Head and thorax purple-red; tarsi brown with pale rings’ abdomen yellowish white, the ventral surface tinged with purple-red. Forewing purplish red, irrorated with white scales; the orbicular and reniform ochreous surrounded by white points; a double curved postmedial series of white points and a series just before the termen. Hindwing yellowish white; the cilia at apex tinged with pink.

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