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04 de enero de 2019

Maps of Mexican Odonata Species

I had fallen in love with Dragonflies decades ago, and as a teacher, I began sharing about them in 2000. First building a website for California's Odonata and then that evolved into a pocket field guide. After visits to the American Southwest, I realized that the area had a unique fauna and built a website for the dragonflies there which also evolved into a field guide.

When I visited Yelapa, Mexico in 2014 I became aware of the need for an identification guide for the area that would be available to the public and created, first, a website, and then a downloadable printable PDF (free at

Eventually, while making identifications on iNaturalist and on Naturalista in Mexico, I became aware of the need for maps for the species. Dennis Paulson and Enrique Gonzales had compiled a list of species by state and I had been using that, but it was difficult to visualize distribution from the list. With the encouragement of Dennis Paulson, who has served as my mentor in all things Odonate for decades, I have now created maps for the species of Odonates in Mexico. They can be accessed at

I hope both visitors to and residents of Mexico will find these maps useful. I am alsohoping to obtain a grant from the Dragonfly Society of the Americas to have my Yelapa/Cabo Corrientes website translated into Spanish so that if can be better used by non-English speakers/readers.

Thank you for your interest!

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