Costa Rica Day 1 - DONE-ish!

I just junk-loaded the rest of the images from Day 1 of Costa Rica. Sorry, sorry, sorry. They were always there waiting on me to load them. (I will go back and ID them, one day.) So that means I've processed 1,050 images so far. Only 5,069 left to go. I wish I was kidding. Paying my dues for photographing so many amazing creatures!

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I am somewhat dreading my Malawi trip in November in terms of how many photos I know I'll have to deal with when I get back. Beautiful photos, by the way, and that stick insect seems to be the only photo of a living specimen of that species on the internet. Very nice!

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I LOVE those observations, Kim! I really want to go.

Also, Alysa, can't wait to see what you see in Malawi! Wow!

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I'm going with Travis Audubon, so in theory it's a birding trip. However, whenever I go birding I end up giving a bunch of impromptu "Entomology for Ornithologists" lessons and I don't think this will be any different.

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Yes, I did my fair share of educating about moths being more than just bird food. Costa Rica is focused on birders, but I just pulled out my camera at breakfast and showed them all the really cool stuff they were missing. (They'd pop over at night to see, but by the next morning it was business as usual.) @nanofishology Malawi?! Wow! What will your sexually confused sticks do without you???

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I'm hoping that everybody is either dead or flown off as a beautiful butterfly or moth or is busy hibernating by then. Otherwise, I'm going to have to release whoever is left over because it's hard enough to find a petsitter for six cats... six cats and a million bugs, probably not happening.

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