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08 de septiembre de 2017

About the Field: "Holding bin (Moths)"

There has been discussion on iNat Google Groups about "no taxon" pairs/complexes/undescribed species and how they might fit into iNat's taxonomy. The so-far agreed solution was a field called Holding Bin (taxa) that was agreed to be at least a temporary solution for those organisms that couldn't be defined to species but could be narrowed from possibly 100s of species in the genus.

So here's the field Holding bin (Moths). Examples at

Use the observation field Holding bin (Moths) when you want to specify a species pair, complex of multiple taxa or an undescribed species. it's an open-ended text field not limited to specific info.

Perhaps it will be useful in the future if a paradigm shift expands traditional dissection/barcoding taxonomy to include image-based IDs that limit the possibilities within a taxonomic category.

What do you think? Help or hinder? Useful or not? Would you bother to use it?
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