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07 de abril de 2013

Jepson Prairie trip

Had a great trip to Jepson Prairie today! Was my first visit and I think we timed it perfectly. What a cool spot. Were lots of canada geese, avocets, willets, and black bellied plovers around. Lots of showy fields of goldfields with other species mixed in. Would have liked to see what a docent with a dip-net would have been fishing out (fairy shrimp and what not) but alas no docent.

Jess among the goldfields

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13 de abril de 2013

Homework #8 & Pseudo-FieldTrip (San Gregorio Beach)

Homework #8 is posted here.

Also tomorrow (Saturday) morning the San Mateo Audobon Chapter is leading an iNat fieldtrip to San Gregorio State Beach about 1 hr south of San Francisco Sat, April 13, 8:00am – 1:00pm

They are meeting at 8:00am at San Gregorio State Beach. I don't think I can go, but you guys are welcome to go if you're interested and Ken-ichi Ueda (who you guys met the first day of class) is driving from Berkeley Saturday morning and can give you a ride to the fieldtrip and back to Glen Park BART (you'll have to BART back to Berkeley) if you need a ride. You can email him at kueda at or leave a comment on this post.

Have a great weekend!

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25 de abril de 2013

Final project schedule and Extra Credit Homework #9

Homework #9 is posted here - its Extra Credit and due next Tuesday. Here are the Final Project presentation times we decided in class. If you don't have a time to present - leave a comment on this post!

Tuesday, Apr 30
11:00 Miriam
11:15 Karen/Erin
11:30 Christian
11:45 Kelsey

Thursday, May 2
11:00 Zane
11:15 Eric
11:30 George
11:45 Jorelle/Silvia
12:00 Beatriz/Arielle
12:15 Liying
12:00 Yixin

(Shun-zhi is taking an incomplete due to injury...)
Joao & Natalie missed their presentation slots - Please get in contact with me if you guys want to make up your presentations before class ends!

Tuesday, May 7
10:00 Lesley
10:15 Liz
10:30 Bernice
10:45 Aase
11:00 Nica
11:15 Maegan/Kate
11:30 Elliot/Maia
11:45 Nick
12:00 Annie/Sarah
12:15 Tabitha
12:30 Claire
12:45 Adam/Kendall
1:00 Peace/Asia/Brittany
1:15 Ariel C
1:30 Rochelle
1:45 Thomas

One more thing - before class wraps up, I just wanted to remind everyone of the rules to get credit for observations in class assignments (except for a few exceptions like the Botany homework where I said planted observations were OK). Your observations must:
1) be wild/naturalized
2) be identified to some taxon (can be coarse, Kingdom etc.)
3) have photo(s)
4) be georeferenced and be accurate to at least 1km
5) have a date
6) be in the Geo171 project - to quickly add these go to your observations and click 'Batch Edit', Select All, Add to Project
If your observations don't meet these criteria - its not too late to fix them!

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