05 de marzo de 2020

Granite Belt overnighter.

2nd/3rd March 2020
Quick overnight trip to Giraween to scope out Litoria subglandulosa habitat; targetting Euascatus suttoni, L. subglandulosa, Uvidicolus sphyrurus & Saltuarius wyberba.

Arrived mid morning - main campsite's closed. Decided to walk up a tributary next to the Pyramids then headed up to Split rock to to wait out the day. Spotted a few geckos after nightfall, lots of O. tryoni and A. leuserii. Dropped down into rocky eucalypt forest with lots of leaf litter to look for U. sphyrurus - didn't see any. Headed back down to the creek to see what frogs were calling and to look for E suttoni. Lots of pig damage and the tributary wasn't yet sufficiently flushed out after the long drought. Both sigs and parasigs calling along with Lit peronii. Ran out of water supply so made my way back to car and picked up S. wyberba on a tree near the main creek. Cut the night short and didn't reattempt looking for sphyrurus. Camped out on a rocky platform after resupplying water.

Poked about beneath the pyramids in the morning for orchids. A few midge orchids were flowering among sphagnum trapped in the granite. Hyacinth orchid had recently started to seed. No swims were had as the main creek didn't look to pleasant.

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