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Handy Links

Have stolen most of these from other people's journals, comments, forum posts etc. All handy and sometimes difficult to remember!! You can alter the URL of these links to your own user ID or taxon numbers to make them applicable to yourself.


My observations (Grid form)

My observations as a heatmap:

Species I have seen in my local government area:,49006&subview=grid&user_id=nicklambert&view=species

Sort my observations by latest updates (in identify interface),research,casual&order_by=updated_at&user_id=nicklambert

Observations by others seen in MY area, but not yet observed by me:,49006&subview=grid&taxon_id=47125&unobserved_by_user_id=nicklambert&view=species

Find my obscured/private observations (can also be used to find 'Threatened' species observations [which are automatically obscured]):,private

Find my observations with no photos:

Find my observations with sounds:

Find my observations with no media (no photos or sounds):

Find my observations based on location accuracy (eg >10 000 m):

Find my observations with geoprivacy set to 'private' (or 'obscured'):

See a list of species that interact with a particular species:
(eg. Oleander Aphid above) Go to a species taxon page and add "?test=interactions" to the URL.

The Marine Life Filter created by @w_martin shows Australian marine plants and animals

Batch Edit my Marine Observations Filter created by @w_martin


Adding manually to a project from a specific date onwards:

Edit my observations from Australia NOT found in project:


Search interface:

Search a taxon group, while removing a particular species. (eg. Palms removing Piccabeen Palms):

eg. 2 Lepidoptera excluding butterflies (Moths only)

Search for larva only, eg my insects:

Search by taxon status (introduced, native, threatened); add:
&native= true|false|any
&introduced= true|false|any
&threatened= true|false|any

More URL search functions can be found on the iNat forum here:

Overlay different taxa on a map (eg. Golden Whistler & Western Whistler):
(eg. 3 Ibis species - Use overlay to customise obs and range)

Comments from me:

Comments on my obs:


ID obs from MY local areas (not including my obs):,18615,49006&not_user_id=661392

Find my own maverick IDs:

Search by active identification; To find observations to which a particular ID has been added (even if that is not the consensus ID):

Identify observations of new users (past week):

Identify taxa, order randomised:

Identify unknowns, randomised:


List of species I have ID'd the most:

Recent ID's by me:

All IDs by me:

Heatmap of observation locations where I have added an ID:


Taxon Changes committed by me:

New Taxon Change:


Compare stuff

Frequently used responses

Find my longest iNaturalist streaks (ie observations from x many days in a row)

Critter Calendar: Blog with some ID info:

Projects: Built in statistics slide-show:
Add /stats_slideshow to end of project URL.


Embed image:

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