06 de febrero de 2015

wood duck

On January 4 it was the Christmas bird count I was birding a different stretch of road, but on the following day when I got to my dads house he said that some one saw a wood duck by flume circle. He had gone over there earlier in the day but did not see it, so I went over there shortly after I had gotten there and did not see any thing. Later in the day though a friend (who is working on 1,000 species project) took us over there again to see if we could find it we did find it this time. Later in the day some one else went to see the wood duck and accidentally scared it away it did not get seen again till about three weeks later on the 28 of January, but I did not see it again till the 31 of January. The last time I was able to go see it was February 3 I saw it then to.I have only seen two ever in Sitka Alaska this one was my first male wood duck the one I saw before saw a female and it was at swan lake.

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21 de diciembre de 2014

rusty blackbird

I was leaving my home in Sitka Alaska to go, and see what was at swan lake, and will I was walking saw a dark eyed junco chase, and grab at a robins tail feather I don't know why it was doing that, but I have seen it happen to robin a few times now. I crossed the road to go, and see what happened, and look at the robins, and juncos. When I got across the I saw black bird, and thought that that’s not a starling, and realised that it was a rusty blackbird, so I got out my camera, and took some photos of it. That bird is rare for here any time of year, so it was a exciting fined.

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