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07 de febrero de 2024

New species

  1. Ensure it's on the new species project
  2. Check the Genus page if not incorrectly spelled
  3. Check if on the POWO website, if not appearing comment on obs that it's not yet there and thus can't be added to the dictionary
  4. Click More tab - taxa info - scroll to the bottom - create new taxa
  5. Type scientific name - choose species - parent Genus.. the parent ID will appear automatically - save
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21 de febrero de 2024

Update from the PSG Visit

The Mpumalanga Plant Specialist Group surveyed our site on the weekend of 2-4 February.

9 observers made 225 observations of 128 species.
Well done to @reubenheydenrych for contributing over 100 observations during this field trip.

Please assist with identifying the remaining 91 observations so that we may increase our species count for this trip. See

2 threatened plants were recorded:

Gladiolus cataractarum (Endangered) and Streptocarpus hilburtianus (Vulnerable), both recorded by @simon_attwood

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Assist us with our ID's

Please assist us with the 305 observations that require an ID: so that we can increase our species list.

The majority (over 200) are plant observations followed by 68 insect observations.

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22 de febrero de 2024

Verlorenkloof Tree List

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