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02 de mayo de 2017

ALA errors: Phalaenoides, Calliteara, and Aglaosoma

The 2-29-2016 listing of Phalaenoides glycinae is actually P. tristifica.

ALA notified 30 April.

The 1-19-2017 entry for P. glycinae is actually Cruria donowani

ALA notified 30 April

The 1-07-2012 entry for P. glycinae is actually P. tristifica

yet to notify.

Transcription error involving Aglaosoma periblepta.

The N.S.W. entries under A. periblepta are but one record (the same specimen is depicted for both entries). And the specimen label reads A. variegata, the identification of which appears correct. All other records of A. periblepta are restricted to Tasmania, so this reference to New South Wales stands as a significant outlier, and apparently erroneous.

ALA notified 2 May 2017, notified again 18 July 2017

The Calliteara farenoides from Belligen, N.S.W. 5-16-2016 is actually C. pura (note crossline pattern).

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My ALA errors - Amata, Parepisparis, Eublemma, Trichiocerecus, 1985 gull

a recent auto submission by iNaturalist curators of my material took place before I corrected several mis-identifications.

Of Amata, three entries are actually examples of Asura cervicalis (now correct in iNaturalist).

All are for Tinonee, N.S.W. The dates are
3 Nov 2016
19 Nov 2016
26 Nov 2016

Parepisparis brevidactyla .. is actually P. multicolora

The entries for Thallarcha locharga should be T. staurocola.

This "Eublemma conchyloides"

is Eublemma anachoresis ... corrected here

ALL Trichiocercus elevate to genus only.

1985 "Pacific Gull" remove.

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19 de mayo de 2017

ALA errors: Eublemma, Heliocosma, Nyctemera, Bracca, Porela

The four entries for Eublemma parva all depict Archaea janata.

The entries derive from a Flickr ID that is corrected to A. janata on the same page

E. parva is not found in Australia.

This entry for Heliocosma argyroleuca

is actually H. incongruana and is correctly listed in iNaturalist

and subsequently ALA

Several entries under Nyctemera baulus

are actually Nyctemera amicus.

The following "Bracca rotundata"

are actually Bracca matutinata

this Bracca sp. is also identifiable as B. matutinata

This "Porela" from 19 Aug 2015

is Calitera pura ... compare

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20 de mayo de 2017

Coff's Harbor Butterfly House errors: Catoria, Eulechria

The "male" Catoria camelaria here

is actually Cleora sabulata

compare with

note the starburst eyelets of the hindwing and rounded (rather than half moon) spotting
of the trailing edge of both hind and fore wings.

The "Eulechria melesella"

does not match that species in BOLD Systems.[tax]

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