A list of all cuckoo/cleptoparasitic/brood parasitic bees currently included on iNaturalist, organized as taxonomically efficiently as possible (i.e., minimum number of clades to exclude all non-parasitic bees). Taxonomic view is recommended.

Parasitic taxa that have not yet been created include: Austrostelis, Ctenoplectrina, Cleptommation, Melostelis, Nesosphecodes, Lasioglossum extraordinarium, L. latro, L. ereptor, L. meruraptor, L. neocaledonicum, L. synavei, L. ascheri, L. curculum, L. furunculum, L. izawsum, L. wheeleri, Hoplitis erythrogastra, H. negevensis, and H. parasitica.