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Hi! I love learning about everything wildlife - bugs, birds, plants, photography, fungi, fish, and nudibranchs.

Other than science, I'm interested in speech and debate, music like classical guitar hehe, photography, sunsets, history, eating fruit or sushi or alfredo sauce, and in my freshwater fish.

Also, I can finally drive to places around the bay area, and I'm making this whole list of different spots I want to hit in the next year for tidepools (mostly because my eyes have recently been opened to nudibranchs), fungi and wildflowers.
Point Lobos, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Laguna Seca, Boggs, Fort Ord, Granite Bay, Wilder Ranch (during Spring), Edgewood Park, Russian Ridge, and every other spot I can. Please lmk about any good tidepooling spots!

Anyway, that's pretty much it. virtual high five

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