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I just found two old backup DVD's that I previously couldn't read when transferring to hard drives so amd processing photos from these now...

🍂 I joined iNaturalist in 2016 to help identify some Australian odonata but started using this site excessively from mid 2018. Don't attribute me with undue qualities simply by my numbers, I'm just an ordinary person iNatting full time (until I run out of money). It takes me roughly one minute to process each of my observations at home, to give an idea of how much time I spend.

📕 My Victorian dragonfly book is available for purchase; more info...

☀️ During summer I'm out often looking for invertebrates to photograph. During autumn and early winter there's not much around except for fungus so I will bombard the system with mushroomy things.

👎 For some of my photos I have made an effort to acquire a decent image but these may be overwhelmed by the many photos supplied just for verification purposes. If its too much you can always ignore me (mute me in your settings).

🔎 I help identify other people's sightings when I can but have less time to do so these days as I'm busy submitting my own. I do the best I can, which is passable but far from perfect and make mistakes. I don't say much but will usually respond if you tag me or want more info. I look at ALL dragonfly and lady beetle observations needing ID, although sometimes lag, so there is no need to ping me for these. Please note that I am only familiar with south-eastern Australian taxa so usually can help less the further afield your observations lie.

😀 Have a nice day and don't forget your camera - I did once. ;-)

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📷 Current Profile Photo: Moonrise at Sunset (Mt Donna Buang 2014).

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