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Hi! I identify bivalves on iNaturalist solely for fun and to contribute to the community. I do not have any relevant credentials but I do feel confident in my IDs. I like to use online resources instead.

In terms of taxa I’m comfortable with, I’ll often ID Unionida, Cyrenoidea, Sphaeriinae, and Dreisseninae in freshwater. I have also been learning about marine clams (particularly in the Gulf of Mexico). This includes Anadara, Noetiidae, Cardiidae, and I’m starting to learn more about Glycymerididae. Outside of the Atlantic I ID a few select groups globally and I’m still learning new ones. Feel free to tag me if you ever think I could help on an observation. I don’t mind it at all :)

If you aren’t sure yourself, please don’t agree with any of my identifications. If you want to be sure, feel free to ask how I got to my ID. If you disagree with an ID of mine, I’d be glad to elaborate as well. I’m human, I make mistakes too, so I may be wrong sometimes

My name is Leonardo but you can call me Leo or LJ. I enjoy many kinds of nature (as I’m sure most people on this website do). All the way back in 2021 when the pandemic was still in affect, I discovered iNaturalist and started posting low-quality photos of everything from geese to fungi. Two years later, I got into birdwatching and posted mostly bird photos taken on an old camera. At some point, on a summer birdwatching trip in Michigan, I discovered a freshwater Unionid mussel. Soon after that, in Indiana, I found a pond full of Corbicula. Since then, I’ve learned so much about bivalves in such short amount of time. And then, I became confident enough to start IDing them.

Before I started identifying, I had around 5000 observations. Sometimes I posted up to 100 observations a day. But soon I transitioned into IDing, which I found more fun. Nowadays I might still observe birds, aquatic invertebrates, and any other creatures I might find interesting (terrestrial insects, plants, etc.)

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