Hendrik Herlyn

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An avid (or shall I say, obsessive) birder since my early teenage years in Germany, I have always had a deep interest in all other things natural around me. Thanks to my grandmother, I became an avid botanist in my mid-teens. A bit later, I delved deeply into mammalian taxonomy, and during our high school days, my brother and I became fascinated with the butterflies, beetles, and dragonflies of our home turf.

After traveling extensively in the Western Palearctic and North America in my younger years, I moved to Oregon in 1988 to pursue a Masters Degree in Wildlife Science, and I still reside in Corvallis, Oregon today. Besides birds, my main interests in the Western US are focused on mammals, herps (I love the Great Basin!), odonates, butterflies, beetles, and fungi. Lately, I've developed a budding interest in our arachnids, and I am always eager to learn more about the organisms that we share our world with.

All of my bird observations go into eBird (and photos into Macaulay Library), but I am in the process of uploading many of my bird sightings with photos to iNat as well. And I am happy to review and identify bird observations from many parts of the world (I've birded extensively on five continents, have served as a member of the Oregon Bird Records Committee for many years, and I am a local eBird reviewer here in Oregon). Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding an identification.

I absolutely love iNaturalist as a venue for documenting and archiving the multitude of non-avian nature observations I've amassed over the years, and joining iNat had made me pay closer attention to all the animals, plants, and other organisms around me!

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