Adam Black

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Very late to the I-Naturalist game here...and never get around to posting things that I intend to! I am a life-long nature nerd with a particular emphasis on plants. I'm a botanical/horticultural consultant with an emphasis on ex-situ conservation (getting documented, localized genetics represented in cultivated botanic garden conservation collections) and I am also currently exec. director of East Texas Arboretum in Athens, TX, working to diversify the cultivated areas, develop a conservation mission, and maintain the 100 acres of diverse natural areas. Formerly director of Peckerwood Garden in Hempstead, Texas. I previously managed the forest pathology and forest entomology laboratories at the University of Florida. I have spent much time both for work and enjoyment exploring the flora of Texas, Florida and and throughout the US, as well as far flung places like the botanical mecca of New day I'll post all my pictures from there! Until that time, my profile icon is of me under the amazing, primeval Araucaria muelleri in New Caledonia.

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