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I'm interested in the lady's mantles (Alchemilla sp.) and working on a plant identification key for Central Europe. For a better understanding of the genus Alchemilla I want to see all species worldwide at least the European and Asian species. I want to help with identification and maybe meet others who love these species.
For more information about me you can check my profile on researchgate.net: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rico-Kaufmann or on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rico513833/.
Here you can download my last talk about the knowledge of the Alchemilla species of Germany: https://www.flora.naturkundemuseum-bw.de/Vortrag_Kaufmann_Alchemilla_GEFD2022.pdf.
Here you can find an online key of the most frequent species of Germany including photos: http://www.blumeninschwaben.de/Zweikeimblaettrige/Rosengewaechse/frauenmantel.htm.
Here you can order the new (2024) identification key for flowering plants of Germany and the neighboring countries including my part (genus Alchemilla): https://www.humanitas-versand.de/SCHMEIL%2FFITSCHEN-DIE-FLORA-DEUTSCHLANDS-UND-ANGRENZENDER-L%C3%84NDER-98.-AUFLAGE-2024.

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Rico Kaufmann (Germany)


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