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I'm just someone with an interest in the natural world, and loves to take good photos of it in whatever form it happens to take.

I wanted to share a little bit about where I find inspiration and guidance for my photography journey. I firmly believe that learning is a lifelong process, and I'm constantly seeking ways to improve my skills behind the lens.

First and foremost, I find great inspiration in the works of talented photographers from around the world.

Learn the Skills

Joel Sartore Fundamentals of Phohotography ( has been very helpful.

So too Tony Northrup's book Stunning Digital Photography (, which only costs 10 bucks and I think is excellent value.

And lastly, Simon d'Entremont who is a professional nature, astrophotography and wildlife photographer living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Straight forward no nonsense advice (

Get the Right Camera Gear (AFFORDABLY)

For photography gear, again Tony Northrup, and his Photography Buying Guide ( or order from his website.

*Not mentioned in the buying guide is the subject of bridge cameras. Sometimes they're refered to as superzooms or run and gun cameras. If you're into wildlife photography they have an amazing zoom lens that can get you pictures that a typical camera can't with less weight, less gear and less fuss, and maybe even less money. Sony make what's considered the best one (Sony RX10 IV, but Nikon, Canon and Panasonic make good superzoom cameras also.

DPReview was good until Amazon recently sold it but the main hosts of that channel, Chris and Jordan, were quickly picked up by Petapixel, so for great camera gear reviews take a look at those.

Ken Rockwell Also see Recommended Cameras and heaps of other useful information.

Other Worthy Mentions

Recommended cameras, lenses, accessories and output tools

Thom’s Recommended DSLRs

Camera Comparisons

Photo Review

Camera Awards

Assessing Picture Quality of Different Cameras

A simple way to assess the picture quality of different cameras is to Google Flickr + [Camera Model]. So If I wanted to know the the real world picture quality of the Sony RX10 I would type in Flickr RX10VI or Sony RX10 vi flickr into the Google Search Engine. This will give you a realistic expectation of the kinds of results you can expect from any one particular camera. One caveat to that is if you're viewing pictures from an interchangable lens camera, then pay attention to the lens being used with the camera in question as that can either improve the results, or in the case of a cheaper lens, decrease the potential of the image quality of the camera.

Words of Wisdom

This article reflects on changing camera technology and criticizes the gear-focused mentality in the photography community. It compares the Nikon D850 and Sony A7Riii cameras, but concludes that most cameras today are equally capable for the majority of users. The author recommends sticking with one's current camera until it no longer meets their needs and suggests smaller, portable cameras as a more convenient option. The passage highlights the contrast between extravagant gear and practical everyday use.

The passage concludes by likening camera journalism to car magazines:

"I guess all the "journalism" surrounding these camera introductions is akin to car magazines reviewing the latest Porsches, Corvettes and Ferraris, interspersed between logical and straightforward reviews of Hondas and Toyota family sedans. Fat guys with slow reflexes driving cars fast that no rational human would consider for everyday use....same."

Technical Stuff You Probably Don't Need to Worry About

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