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I find everything interesting, I am an expert on nothing. Currently obsessed with land snails and marine molluscs. I like photographing critters without bothering them too much (if that means they can't be identified to species level, so be it).

Thank you for your IDs and comments. Please don't just agree with my IDs - I do my best to identify correctly, but I make mistakes and if so hope they can be corrected rather than reinforced. As mentioned here, "An identification confirms that you can confidently identify it yourself compared to any possible lookalikes. Please do not simply “Agree” with an ID that someone else has made without confirming that you understand how to identify that taxon."

Scale in photos: all rulers in cm/mm; the nail of my index finger is about 9mm wide.

As bookmarks for myself, but also in case they are useful to others, I list below some identification resources.


  • MNHN Biodiversicles app (in French, for French snails) - Android app; allows filtering by region and by intuitive traits; with good photos of shells for all species + map for France; a great identifying resource inc for beginners
  • Animalbase - database of species (global scope), with some ID info + photos of shells; particularly useful to see a diversity of shells
  • Iberia & Macaronesia - malacowiki (database with photos of shells + description + distribution maps; in Spanish)
  • Continental Portugal: Albuquerque de Matos (2014) Atlas dos Caracóis Terrestres e de Águas Doces e Salobras Portugal Continent (book; with photos of land AND freshwater species; maps in Atlas format; in Portuguese)
  • Global: IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (database of species, progressively getting more complete - many European species there already; not an ID resource, but useful for its global distribution maps; also conservation status, habitat, threats; in English).
  • Andaluzia: ICTIOTERM (database of common species, with good photos and a little description; in Spanish)

Great books:


  • Global: DORIS (Données d'Observations pour la Reconnaissance et l'Identification de la faune et la flore Subaquatiques) (database with photos of live animals and shells + description + distribution notes + similar species; in French)
  • Global: Marine Species Identification Portal (database with a photo + description + distribution notes; in English)
  • France (Atlantic/Channel): Estran22 (great photos + great ID tips; in French) (particularly useful for the N. Sea; also covers other marine taxa like algae and polychaete)
  • British Isles: Wales Natural History Museum (Bivalves only; 1 page per species, great photos + description + distribution in the BI; in English)
  • Mediterranean: Idscaro (great photos, great photo index; Mediterranean focused, but also world info here)
  • Global: Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods (catalogue with a good diversity of photos)
  • Global: Femorale (great catalogue of photos; can browse by family, by locality, and by marine province; can compare species side-by-side)
  • Morddyn's flicker albums: excellent photos and detailed ID notes for some British species inc gastropodes (e.g. Littorina, trivia, limpets) and barnacles
  • Malacológica mediterránea (Spain): nice blog with much information and photos of hundreds of species found in Cabo de Paulos (near Murcia)
  • Molusca of the North Sea: with photos/drawings and description. Good if one already knows the name of the species, otherwise not very easy to browse.

Great books:


(with many thanks to Tim Johnson)


My collection of molluscs:

My observations that are firsts for iNaturalist:

(*Valid at the time of identification: there may well be earlier observations on iNat that are subsequently IDed to the same species.)

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