Andreas Bennetsen Boe

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Son of two engineers who took me out into nature as a child. I quickly developed an interest for viewing wildlife and for many years birds were my main interest. After highschool I spend two years working at Gedser and Ottenby Bird observatories and travelling Peru, Vietnam, Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname and Guyana to watch birds. During the summer holidays I worked in the Wadden Sea where I spend my spare time getting into Butterflies mainly by watching Maculinea alcon and light trapping. While watching migration at Gedser in 2016 I encountered my first real weevil observation, a Cleonis pigra, that crawled onto me and since then the Superfamily Curculionoidea has been my favourite arthropod taxon. I studied biology at Aarhus University where I did my BA project on weevil abundance and diversity in Trophic Rewilding and MSc. on the population genetics of Phengaris alcon in Denmark.

I'm also active on eBird as a regional reviewer for Denmark.

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