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I love to go out and photograph plants and wildlife. I'm teaching botany among other things at Appalachian State University, and am currently serving as the President of the Blue Ridge Chapter of the North Carolina Native Plant Society.

Sorry for the prolonged absence. I took a break from iNat for a while simply because with the pandemic forcing classes, meetings, and everything else online, I just found myself unable to sit still and strain my eyes onto a computer screen even longer at the end of the day. So any hobbies involving screen use were put on a back-burner for a while to keep my sanity and give my burning eyes a break. So what does a naturalist do when forced to find something to do away from computers and people? I went hiking and photographing! Processing those pictures will keep me busy for a while.

If you come across an identification or comment I made that looks like it needs my attention again, please feel free to tag me to bring it to my attention. I found out coming back to iNat after a while that notifications only go back for so long, so there is likely a good number of them that I missed between March and August 2020.

We had planned a series of wildflower phenology hikes along the Mountains-to-Sea Trail this year but were unable to follow through due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines. I still went out by myself regularly to catch what's blooming on video. I had to make an educated guess on a few things, but hopefully, all the stuff observed during these hikes will soon find its way onto iNaturalist, too, so you can correct me on all my wrong IDs!

Please feel free to join us at our iNat project to help with identifications and annotations.

Please note that all my location markers are best guesses trying to place them in approximately the right spot on the map. I do not have a GPS device to get accurate coordinates. Pretty much all pictures I post from public locations are taken from a trail - please do not venture off-trail to search for plants based on my likely somewhat inaccurate location markers. If the location is obscured, it means either it is a rare or protected species, subject to poaching, or the picture was taken on sensitive habitat or private property and the owners have requested not to have the locations disclosed on the web. Please respect their privacy and do not collect plants from the wild.

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