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I am a gardener. My garden is where the majesty of creation is revealed each day. I watch as Mother Nature works miracles and Father Time marks the cycle of life. My garden is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

I am a farm girl from Oklahoma who came to the big D to pursue a degree in education, ended up retired and living the life of luxury in E. Texas. I still believe in life-long learning, having completed a master level, intense study of science, gardening and nature and am a Certified Texas Master Gardener (Wood County Master Gardener of the Year 2020) and a Certified Texas Master Naturalist.

I am a member of Holly Lake Gardeners, Quitman Garden Club, Friends of the Wood County Arboretum, Wood County Master Gardeners, East Texas Chapter Master Naturalists, Tyler Audubon Society and the Native Plant Society – Tyler, TX. I am a former member of Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society and Collin County Native Plant Society.

Although a life long gardener, my passion is nature, birds and Texas native plants.

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