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Thanks for being curious enough to check out my profile. My main interest is nudibranchs, followed by cetaceans and all awesome marine life. I'm co-editor of iNat's California Sea Slugs Guide (, and the Dock Fouling in California project ( I've been included as a co-author on a paper by nudibranch expert Dr. Jeffrey Goddard, and I'm currently (2019-2020) writing lightweight articles introducing California nudibranchs for the Morro Bay National Marine Estuary Program and the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

My best wildlife photos are also on Flikr, where they are available under a nonprofit-with-attribution Creative Commons license, so they show up in random places on the Internet. My most-proud moment was when the creative mind(s) behind Bowiebranchia used one of my nudibranch photos for "Upright white and electric blue." Recently, two of my photos were used in "America's Marine Sanctuaries: A Photographic Exploration" -Smithsonian Books, 2020. Woo hoo! Above water, I use a Canon 7Dii with 100-400mm lens; underwater, I use my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS6.

I'm learning birds and insects, and I travel rather randomly to all sorts of interesting places.

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