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Ethan's the name, being extremely obsessed with recording nature is my game. I’m out to see the world’s 1 trillion species, looking everywhere and everywhen for new things I’ve never seen before.

I'm best with birds, although in the past few years I've been expanding outward into inverts, plants and more recently the very odd world of things in between those. I also get microobsessions that force me down the Dunning-Kruger graph on a nearly bimonthly basis. So far it's taken me to Sedges (Carex), leafminers, leaf galls, leaf diseases, odonates and a lot of other random obscure groups. There's too much life even in a small area to keep track of on a daily basis, so I'm constantly switching around concentrating on certain groups to get a good view on the immense biodiversity we're sharing the planet with.

I'm a bit awkward socially, so if I reply with something that doesn't make sense or seems crass, it's because I have some trouble communicating what I want to say.

And now for some quotes from my favorite nature documentary (True Facts):
“The cuttlefish brain is larger than its entire body, including its brain which may not make sense, but it does to the cuttlefish, because it has a very large brain”
“if silence were loudness [Owls] would be the loudest flying bird.”

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