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I like my food, and enjoy trying new things - especially smelly and/or affective things, like blue cheese, stinky tofu, durian, sichuan pepper, chilli peppers etc. I got very excited (and later worried) when I tried a dianella fruit in Australian mountain ash forest for the first time, and found it intensely peppery; they aren't generally considered edible. The species further north is edible and tastes sweet and slightly metallic.
I haven't had much luck identifying rainforest trees using key books. On the other hand, I got a lot of pleasure learning tree species by collecting fruit and looking at pictures in the 'Australian Rainforest Seeds' book, which luckily for me, is centred on the area I have called home. I hope some of the babies I propagated have survived...
I discovered smelling aromatic plants while out and about in Australia as a way of 'mindfulness'.
I am compulsively dumping photos I'm taking in the UK on here because I barely know what anything is! I'm trying to familiarise myself with British temperate rainforest indicator species, referring to Guy Shrubsole's website, and find myself awe-struck by some of the forests in Devon.

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