Billi Krochuk

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I have always been fascinated by the natural world but once I caught wind of the birds of Africa, I never looked back. I became completely overtaken by the spectacular diversity of birds on the continent as well as by its immense cultural diversity and rich history. This interest in and affection for the continent, in particular lowland and montane forests, prompted me to pursue my BSc at the University of Cape Town, where part of my heart will always be.

Now I am resolutely committed to pursuing research questions centred around African birds that can help inform dynamic approaches toward land stewardship. I am interested in asking questions about how and why birds utilize their habitats the way that they do as well as how they interact with one another (e.g., mixed-species foraging flocks and ant-following flocks). I am also interested how and why different forms of land use and climate change impact those relationships. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in the evolution of conservation in Africa and how traditional ecological knowledge and community-based management and collaboration have and will continue to transform the practice of conserving land and species into the future.

I'm currently completing my MSc at the University of British Columbia’s Biodiversity Research Centre where I am working in collaboration with Biodiversity Initiative to investigate the relationships between bird species and individual structuring features of forests in Equatorial Guinea. In doing so, I hope to illuminate why some species are more resilient or sensitive to habitat degradation than others, what traits are driving those habitat relationships, and ultimately how we can improve our relations with tropical forests for the benefit of birds and other taxa by undertaking more mindful restoration efforts, more responsible selective logging operations, and so on.

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