Simon Tolzmann

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I'm a young birder in Chicago, IL. I've been into nature for pretty much my whole life. I was two years old and I turned on the TV to a Nova documentary on cuttlefish. So after that I wanted my mom to take me to the library to get nature books, and I found a really cool one called PaleoBugs. That's what got me into Dinosaurs and all things prehistoric. Then in about August 2016 I went to a summer camp and saw an American Kestrel chasing a Peregrine Falcon ( My all time favorite animal at the time). After the camp I pulled my mom's old Sibley guide out and flipped through checking off all the birds I'd thought I'd seen. From then on I was hooked on birds and my birding life list is 537 species. Butterflies and Herps are next, and after that all other living things.

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