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Being an addict is typically never a good thing... except if you're a nature addict like me.

I'm a 16-year old birder and naturalist based out of Chicago Illinois. I have a great love for the state of Illinois, and especially Cook County's wildlife.

As a two-year-old, I fell in love with nature when I watched a documentary on cuttlefish. For the next 8 years, I collected fossils and learned as much as I could about the prehistoric world, and at age 11 I was sucked into the world of birds. I started iNat to give myself an idea of what I was looking at in a bird's mouth ready to feed to young, or the tree that bird was sitting in, which has now morphed into an all-out obsession where I take photos of everything I see, even if I've already taken a hundred photos of it in the past.

An important message I try to spread widely is a message of distress and a call for help regarding our natural world. Nature-Deficit Disorder is severely affecting this generation, and will ultimately lead to the overall demise of our escape from urbanization. Teaching kids at a young age to love, appreciate and conserve what nature is left is how we will begin reversing the damage to Earth we have created.

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