**Ilya Baidakov**

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Thanks a bunch to those who identify my observations.

I love to walk in a forest and shoot any living organisms. After that I come home, drop photos from iCloud to PC and hours away I lost away: I do photoshopping, wikipedding, inatting, sciencing, wondering and many others ING. ThankING and lovING and writING.

I am software developer and mechanical engineer in professional activities .
As a naturalist, I am interested in local flora and fauna. What I am loving the most is:
Please be skeptical about my identifications as I am not a professional in any fields of biology.
Creator and contributor of local projects:
Creator of national project to join tourism and naturalism together:
Creator of software for you to enjoy:
When you add comments or messages, it feels good
My nickname means there will be something else in Russian language and pronouns as: b'oo-diet-ee-ne-tuk-'oee

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