Allie K.

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I'm a writer and artist with a love of nature/conservation and an increasing fascination with local/native ecosystems here in Massachusetts, in particular. I'm pursuing a transition into science writing professionally (because of the nature of my current employer, most of what I do is focused more on tech, but my goal is to move towards ecology, conservation and naturalism) and have fallen hard for wildlife photography as a hobby.

I'm here to learn and to make what small contributions I can to citizen science - with both in mind, ID assistance and corrections are always welcome! I'm very much a novice with most taxa, though like many I have more practice with birds.

I ride my little red ebike all over the Boston area to visit various parks and preserves. I'm also active on ebird and instagram under the same handle.

(My username is a dad joke; mine often responds to a black-capped chickadee's sweet two-note call by exclaiming that "he's lookin' for Phoebe, but he can't find her!")

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