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Lifelong amateur conservation biologist. Back to doing what I loved when I was eight years old. . Ongoing projects include: trapping invasive crayfish and African Clawed Frogs, planting acorns, weeding out invasive plants, helping native plants with seed dispersal. Excited by just about everything including but not limited to: native plants, birds, bees, tide pools, herps, jumping spiders, stuff living in puddles. Inspired by David Lindo the Urban Birder, I like to document birds in the little pockets of green within cities and suburbia. Birds are accessible to everyone. Still figuring out my Echometer bat detector.

I stash my bird sightings over on eBird:

Fall 2022: My latest interest is in documenting species in empty lots and open space areas adjacent to developed areas. It’s surprising how many endemic and endangered/rare organisms can be found right under our noses in previously unsurveyed yet busy areas like tiny parks and backyards.

We’ve been getting more into fossils and geology. Rocks are pretty cool.

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