Chris Cargill

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I am a bryologist, taxonomist and curator of the cryptogam collections of the Australian National Herbarium in Canberra.
I specialize in studying Australian liverworts and hornworts, in particular the liverwort genus Riccia which is quite diverse here in Australia.
I also have an interest in complex thalloid liverworts such as those in the family Aytoniaceae, including the genus Asterella, Reboulia and Plagiochasma.
I originally began my liverwort studies on the beautiful simple thalloid liverwort genus Fossombronia with the late Dr George A.M. Scott at Monash University and completed my PhD in the USA looking at species of Fossombronia which occur in Africa, South West Asia and the sub-continent of India. It is very diverse here in Australia, particularly across southern Australia.

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