David Scott

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I began venturing from home to find birds at age 16 in the Sudbury, Ontario area in April 2007 and have been an avid birder ever since. In 2016, I moved to Alberta to take a position as a librarian at the University of Lethbridge and have learned to love the birds of the prairies, badlands, foothills, and mountains as I did those of the boreal forests on the Canadian Shield. Should you have any questions about southern Alberta birds, feel free to send me an email (ds1908@live.ca)! I currently serve as the regional Christmas Bird Count editor for Alberta, a member of the Alberta Bird Record Committee, and as past president of Nature Lethbridge. I also run an annual Breeding Bird Survey route in Warner County.

Apart from birds, I've taken an interest in flora and other fauna—particularly butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies. I have much to learn, and it's been great fun!

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