David Sarkozi

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I've been a birder since high school. I got serious about it though in my late 20's and never looked back. I've served as the president of the Texas Ornithological Society, president of the Friends of Anahuac Refuge, and the Chairman of the Houston Outdoor Nature Club - Ornithology Group.

I've lead more field trips than I can count around the state of Texas. I have a special interest in Belize and have made almost 30 birding trips to Belize now.

I recently retired from the University of Houston Department of Public Safety as the Manager of Public Safety Systems after 35 years there. I'm now devoting my time to working as an independent birding guide.

In 2015 I completed a 500 bird Big Year in Texas and in 2017 I plan to try and break the Texas Big Year Record of 522 species.

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