Dan Schofield

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Originally from the UK, I have spent most of my life working overseas in the diving industry. I am a dive instructor and I'm currently based on Grand Cayman working for Indepth Watersports. I do all kinds of diving but my particular areas of interest are technical diving, underwater photography and muck diving (searching for tiny, unusual critters). For many years I worked around SE Asia but I ended up in the Caribbean due to COVID and I'm still looking forward to returning to Asia.
I'm most interested in marine invertebrates, especially nudibranchs and other sea slugs.

I dive with an Olympus OMD EM5 Mk1 in a Nauticam housing and Sea&Sea strobe. I also have an Olympus TG6 in Ikelite housing with a single Ikelite DS51 strobe and most of my underwater observations so far were with either the TG6 or TG4.

I enjoy trying to record as many different species as I can. Most of my observations are of marine life but I've been trying to record more terrestrial life with my Lumix GH4.

Useful links:
Least observed tool for iNat observations https://elias.pschernig.com/wildflower/leastobserved.html
Make your mushroom observations count! https://www.inaturalist.org/posts/3531-documenting-mushrooms

Some papers my observations have been featured in:
https://peckhamia.com/peckhamia/PECKHAMIA_228.1.pdf (new Cosmophasis sp.)

Other places my observations have been featured:

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