Clare Hawkins Curador

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I’m a threatened species zoologist based on the island state of Tasmania, Australia. I’m exploring novel approaches to meet the challenges of monitoring and managing Tasmania’s threatened species: from quolls and eagles to skinks and freshwater crayfish. I hope to fit in some plants soon too! I’m specifically focussing on developing bomb-proof, enduring citizen science study designs for long term population monitoring. I want to design surveys that are fun for the public to do while also delivering reliable, useful information.

In 2016, with the Bookend Trust, I set up the Claws on the Line project (Tasmanian Burrowing Crayfish on iNaturalist) to monitor threatened burrowing crayfish. We've also helped pique people's interest in their local biodiversity and the fun of citizen science with three 'Extinction Matters' BioBlitzes, run on iNaturalist (Extinction Matters BioBlitz Hobart and Extinction Matters BioBlitz Latrobe in 2016, and Extinction Matters BioBlitz Kingborough in 2017).

More info on these efforts here: and here:

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