Jon P. Ruddy

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Opening Statement:

I am first and foremost a God-fearing man. By His grace, I have been granted an ability to identify, interpret and classify some aspects of the natural world. I view nature as an extension of the Lord's inspiration and handiwork. His penchant for variety and complexity and artistry and beauty is nothing short of remarkable. In my professional life, my crowns (skills, abilities and talents) are laid before Him. To God goes the glory for any success I may have.

Professional Profile:

I work as a field guide and business owner at Eastern Ontario Birding, and I study lichens (with what little spare time I have!) as a Research Associate with the Canadian Museum of Nature.


Given how my full my schedule is with field guiding/business ownership, I have been enjoying sprinkling lichenological distributional data with the iNaturalist app whenever I can. In regards to lichenological research, I am currently working on one study site with a colleague, and another site solo.

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