Evan Randall

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When Eve walked among
the animals and named them--
nightingale, red-shouldered hawk,
fiddler crab, fallow deer--
I wonder if she ever wanted
them to speak back, looked into
their wide wonderful eyes and
whispered, Name me, name me.
-Ada Limon

I grew up in the American South, struck with wonder by the upland forests, meadows, and balds of the Piedmont and Appalachia. Further south, the live oak forests on barrier islands and seemingly endless grasslands under long-leaf pines inspired awe, too.

Nowadays, I'm a southern expat in the American Midwest, and I mostly get outside to learn about the flora and fauna of Northern Illinois. I am very interested in learning more about the history of this region's landscapes and their inhabitants, and I think a lot about their future. I volunteer on ecosystem restoration projects in the Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC) and the Chicago Park District (CPD). I am an active Illinois Master Naturalist, class of 2020. I am also a member of the Illinois Native Plant Society.

I'm interested in native plants, urban flora, natural history, plant migrations, paleobiogeography, restoration ecology, and biodiversity conservation. Perhaps more importantly, I've more recently become fascinated by the myriad ways people cultivate their love for nature and share that wonder with others.

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