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I’ve always loved nature and the creatures in it ever since I could remember. Having my father teach me about insects and reptiles at a young age spawned a love for nature that I could never fully quench. I marvel at the beautiful things in life that many never notice, or care not to notice. Sometimes I can be so easily distracted by them, that I will stop mid-conversation with someone to admire what I find in that moment. I am one of those people who talks not only to animals, but to any living creature, no matter how small.

My favorite arachnid is the jumping spider. I absolutely love their faces!! I am extremely fascinated by the various species of preying mantids, arachnids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, stink bugs, and beetles. I am particularly fond of neotropical species.

I have a tendency to collect dead insect species that I find, but only if they’re intact and have recently passed away. I obtained a macro lens in April 2019, but I’m still learning to use it. I’m amazed at the difference in using a macro lens.

I have a master’s degree in an unrelated field, but have found that a degree in this field isn’t really necessary to accurately ID many of the species that I’m enamored with—that is if they don’t require dissection to ID. I’m rather good with research and have a tendency to read many research papers on various entomological topics and about many generas that fascinate me.

If you have a question and tag me, and I don’t answer, please feel free to send me a message. Sometimes, I receive so many notifications that a tag may get lost in the middle.

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